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At S3 Europe, we bring Budapest’s finest consultancy services to a global stage. Specialising in intelligent systems integration, AV solutions, architectural and interior design, we cater to clients worldwide.

Elevate Your Space with Cutting-Edge Technology

From state-of-the-art control systems and intelligent lighting to premium audiovisual hardware and networking, we offer a comprehensive suite of design, installation, and programming services globally.

Bespoke Design Solutions for Residential and Commercial 

Our expertise extends to crafting tailored designs for residential and hospitality environments such as city apartments, luxury villas, restaurants, spas, and boutique hotels. We blend functionality with aesthetics seamlessly.

Featured Projects

Planning & Design

Evaluate your existing space or craft a bespoke design solution – including any necessary drawings or CAD diagrams.

Specification & Installation

Specify and/or installation of all necessary hardware, wiring, and software, as well as connecting those devices to the secure network.

Integration & Programming

Configuring various devices and systems to work together – automatically or in response to specific custom triggers and lifestyle requirements.

What we Do

A Holistic Approach to Design

From concept to completion, we consider every detail of your project. Our comprehensive service includes concept design, technical drawings, and product specification to ensure that every aspect is carefully considered in order to create a space that goes above and beyond expectations.

Your Vision Brought to Life by Experts

Collaborate with our team of technology architects, designers, engineers, and certified technicians to transform your space into a functional yet stunning environment that reflects your unique vision.

Our team is fully equipped to provide expert guidance on property acquisition, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients. Additionally, we offer comprehensive project management services to oversee and manage every aspect of your build, guaranteeing that your vision is brought to life with precision and care.

With S3, the design and integration possibilities become virtually endless.

Featured Projects


Château Chic

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Marina Retreat



Budapest Bauhaus

New Build

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