Case Study

Château Chic

In this case study, we explore the installation, custom design, and programming of the cutting-edge Control4 system in a luxurious French Château-style home.

This stunning property features a wine pantry capable of holding 3000 bottles, a fully-automated wine cellar that houses over 11,000 bottles, and a state-of-the-art home cinema that redefines luxury living. The homeowners, who are wine enthusiasts, aimed to merge technology seamlessly with luxury to enhance their daily lives while preserving the charm and character of the Châteauesque architecture.


Technology Architect: Andrew Woods

Architects: Den Bosch and Finchley

1,208 m² Living Area on a Ravine

5 Beds, 11 Baths, 3 Half Baths

Terrace Overlooking Extensive Private Grounds

Temp Controlled 11,000 plus Bottle Wine Cellar

Elevator, Massage Room, Home Cinema, and Gym.


The challenge in this project was to create a design that incorporated all the latest secure networking, AV and automation technologies while ensuring that it blended seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the Châteauesque architecture.

Additionally, the wine cellar required specialized climate control systems, while the home cinema needed to deliver an immersive audio-visual experience that was easy to use for the whole family.


To address these challenges, we worked closely with the owners and architects to develop a customized Control4 system. The wine cellar was designed with a state-of-the-art climate control system that monitored and adjusted temperature, humidity, and lighting levels to provide optimal storage conditions for the wine collection. The smart lighting allowed the owners to control the environment from their touchscreens or handheld devices.

Moreover, the home cinema was acoustically treated to ensure a high-quality audio experience using a sophisticated M&K Sound system. The room was also equipped with a high-end Epson projection system. The family-friendly SR-260 handheld remote allowed the owners to easily control audio and video equipment, as well as lights, custom-programmed scenes, media browsing, and more.

For the ultimate in entertainment, music and TVs were required all over the home and even outside on the terrace. Twenty pairs of Sonance Professional Series in-ceiling speakers were installed throughout allowing the homeowners to listen to their favourite songs in various zones. Furthermore, all can be controlled through their keypads, touchscreens, or handheld devices. Additionally, sixteen Samsung  TV displays were installed.

Finally, the home is outfitted with an equipment rack in the lower level rack room to house all cable, media boxes and AV receivers. Headend components, including router and Gigabit switches, are also located in the main equipment rack in the basement.


Overall, this project demonstrates the potential of technology to enhance our daily lives by transforming the stone estate into a unique living space. The home provides the ultimate in entertainment and comfort. The integration of technology and luxury seamlessly blends with the overall aesthetic of the château. Thus resulting in a brand-new smart home that incorporates the latest in technology.

The automated wine cellar and entertainment areas elevate the family’s living experience, providing them with the ultimate in luxury and convenience. The owners now enjoy a stylish living environment that caters to their every need while also storing their wine collection in optimal conditions.

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