Beyond Human: The Power of AI


On Tuesday, June 4th, S3 Europe, in collaboration with the Irish Hungarian Business Circle (IHBC), hosted a captivating event titled “Beyond Human: The Power of AI in Business, Design, and Communications.” Held at the Avis Budget Group offices in the 13th district of Budapest, this evening event brought together professionals eager to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI).

Kicking off ‘Beyond Human’ with enthusiasm and insights, Anikó Woods sets the stage for an evening of exploring AI’s transformative power in business, design, and communications.

General Thanks

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all 33 attendees who took the time to join us on a busy Tuesday night. Your presence and engagement were invaluable. Special thanks to our co-hosts, the Irish Hungarian Business Circle, and to our engaging speakers for their insightful contributions.

“From virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles, these popular applications are revolutionising our world.” – Anikó Woods


I’m Anikó Woods, Managing Director and co-founder of S3 Europe and our specialty division, S3 Consulting. AI touches almost of everything we do, from intelligent system integration and AV solutions at S3 Europe to crafting innovative content and businesses strategies at S3 Consulting. As someone certified by Google in AI and trained in Prompt Engineering, I leverage AI daily to push the boundaries of what’s possible in business and design.

AI is not just a tool for us—it’s a catalyst for innovation and transformation. Whether it’s integrating smart home systems that enhance everyday living or using AI-driven analytics to develop strategic business insights, I see the immense potential and the challenges that come with it. This dual perspective of AI’s positive impacts and potential pitfalls inspired me to create this event.

“Beyond Human” was designed as a platform for us to explore and discuss how AI is reshaping our industries and lives. I was thrilled to share insights and foster discussions that can empower us all to harness AI’s potential responsibly and effectively.

Overview of the Event

Our event was aimed at curious minds and seasoned professionals alike, with a focus on introducing AI and its applications across various industries. The atmosphere began formally but quickly transitioned into a lively networking session. Attendees, many of whom were new to AI, shared their excitement and apprehensions, leading to rich discussions and valuable connections.

Speaker Highlights

Anikó Woods I opened the event with an introduction to AI, covering key terminology and popular applications. My talk delved into global AI headlines and provided an overview of the AI landscape in Hungary, including regulatory bodies. I concluded with a focus on AI in building management and the smart home industry, highlighting advancements in smart home security and AI detection in specialty cameras.

Paul Sawford: An architect and interior designer with RLA Global and a consultant for S3 Europe, Paul discussed the use of generative AI in design. He emphasised the importance of the “human-in-the-loop” process for generative AI and showcased how his own hand-drawn sketches are transformed into stunning conceptual drawings using AI. Paul noted that we are still in the infancy of these technologies, with much more to come.

Unveiling the TARA Method: Tara Siddons-Deighton breaks down her unforgettable approach to harnessing AI’s full potential in business.

Tara Siddons-Deighton: My partner at S3 Consulting, Tara, spoke about AI for business growth. She shared statistics on AI adoption in offices and introduced the TARA Method (Technology, Awareness, Reality, Analysis) to harness AI’s full potential. Tara highlighted the analytical powers of AI for business, which resonated strongly with the audience.

Douglas Arnott: Owner of EDMF Language Services, Douglas explored the future of communications. As a translation specialist, he provided examples of terrible translations, AI’s limitations in logical thinking and stressed the necessity of human intervention in translation, especially for legal, medical, and corporate documents. His engaging and direct approach captivated the audience, who appreciated the business case insights he provided.

From Paul’s brilliant hand-drawn sketches to the stunning AI-generated conceptual designs, witness the magic of blending human creativity with artificial intelligence.


The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. One attendee from the hotel industry expressed amazement at the event’s relevance and the importance of AI in content generation for Budapest tourism. Many were inspired by Tara’s TARA method and Paul’s AI-generated conceptual drawings. Douglas’s deep dive into translation challenges was particularly well-received by the business professionals in attendance.

Dougie Arnott highlighting the humorous pitfalls of AI translations—proving why human expertise is still essential in the world of language and communication.

Future Plans

We are excited to announce plans for another event in September, potentially at a different location. We invite those interested in attending to send me a message. Additionally, S3 Consulting is happy to organise similar events for other organisations, handling every aspect of event planning and speaker coordination. Our speakers are available to consult with anyone looking to advance their AI journey.

We encourage you to connect with us on LinkedIn or send us an email for more information. Let’s continue this journey together, exploring the vast possibilities AI has to offer. Thank you once again for making “Beyond Human” a success, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Moving forward, it’s all about building trust, ensuring ethical use, and boosting our understanding of AI’s capabilities.


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